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Social Class Explained

At some point you may ask yourself, 'What social class am I ?' or 'Am I middle class ?'. This test is designed to accurately* inform you which social class or group you belong to. It's not easy. The complex alogrithms used within this test have taken many years to develop.

Social Class Test

Social Groups

To make things easier, we've split the results into five distinct classes or groups - upper class, upper-middle class, middle class, lower-middle class and lower class.

To take the test, you simply have to answer 10 questions related to your attitudes towards life. We then use some very complex and highly scientific (and secretive) calculations to work out your correct position within life's social hierarchy. This site has taken years** of fine tuning to arrive at the level of social classification accuracy you will experience. Be prepared to be amazed.

Isn't Everyone Middle Class Now ?

Not at all. In actual fact, using the traditional class system is now considered out of date. The modern social classes are now used in many situations. They both take into account your economic, social and cultural capital but the classification varies. For example, in the traditional system you may have been Upper Class. Now you may be considered part of the Elite class.

For the purposes of this test we are currently using the traditional social classes. This is mainly becuse most people relate to those instead of the modern groupings. We may at some point add the modern class groups but time is money don't you know.

How To Get An Accurate Class Prediction

It is important to take the test with complete honesty. Clearly, you may prefer to be in a different class than you are. However, nobody will see your answers and the purpose of this test is to calculate which social class you are in rather than which social class you would prefer to be be in.

Will This Affect My Life Chances ?

Almost certainly. Regardless of what you may be told by the Elite, we increasingly live in a world of reduced social mobility. We could write untold paragraphs discussing how the elite 1% are using their economic, social and political positions to distance themselves further and further from everyone else. The reality is that the elite simply can't help it and everyone else has allowed and is allowing this to happen. As the elite create more and more barriers to entry, there will eventually be just two classes - the elite and everyone else. However, the closer we get to this situation, the more unstable the world will become and eventually there will be a revolution.

At which point, this test will need to be changed and there will become a set of post-modern social classes to reflect the new society. We just aren't sure what they'll be yet.

Enjoy the test !


*Results may vary. This social class test may not actually give 100% accurate results to 100% of people.

**Mosquito years (female)

Note ! This test is intended purely for fun.
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